chromebook pixel (1)

We have an intriguing development for you today, one that involves what’s supposedly a new Chromebook that it’s currently in the works.

Developer Francois Beaufort (the guy who provided the screenshots of the new Notification Center on Chrome OS) has published a post that seemingly shows a device named Chromebook Pixel. The device is a Chromebook with full touchscreen display, running at 2560 x 1700 pixels resolution. Beaufort calls it Google Link, and says that the device is currently undergoing testing at Google.

Soon after the video hit Google Plus, the clip was taken down, but we were able to snatch a copy. The video description suggested that the clip was made by a company called, whose CEO Victor Koch then took to Google Plus to announce that its servers were attacked by hackers. Attackers than allegedly made several videos of projects that was working on available on YouTube.

The tag line of the video is “Designed by Google. Down to the last pixel.” Could this mean that Google is working on a Chromebook that is completely developed in-house? After the ill-fated Nexus Q that’s certainly possible. Alternatively, we could be talking about the Chromebook equivalent of the Nexus program. In that case, Google could be working with an OEM to create a Pixel-branded computer.

This leak corroborates with an earlier report that claimed a touchscreen Chromebook made by Google is in the works. The video shows high production value, and looks like it was professionally made.

Of course, this could all be a big publicity stunt by or even Google. Whatever the case, we’re pretty excited about the possibility of the new device. We’ll keep you posted.

Update: we’ve embedded a YouTube version of the video.