In case you didn’t hear about it by now, Google on Thursday has made the Chromebook Pixel official, a touchscreen-ready cloud-based laptop that is by far the most elegant, but also the most expensive Chrome OS machine to date.

But why launch a device with a huge resolution display – MacBook Pro with Retina display-like screen – if users won’t actually get to take advantage of those 4.3 million pixels?

Sure, more Chrome OS apps will support the new screen resolution, but while we wait we’ll tell you that there already is one such app, Google’s revamped Chrome photo app.

In a rather logical move, the company updated the photo app by adding new features like touch-friendly support and an extra grain of salt. The app is now more intelligent, and will be able to tell what photos to select from storage, as it understands which ones are blurry or have bad exposure.


Furthermore, the app seems to have been updated to better accommodate sharing needs. As soon as an SD card slot is inserted into the Chromebook, the app will automatically recognize pictures and upload full-resolution images to Google+.

Initially, the app will be available via the Chrome Web Store to Chromebook Pixel buyers, but it will roll out to other devices in the future.