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Just yesterday we learned that Verizon had pulled the plug on the 100MB of free monthly data that it was supposed to provide Chrome Pixel LTE owners for another year. Despite the fact that plenty of evidence exists to back the idea that this was supposed to be a two-year offer, Verizon apparently decided that ending the promotion early was well within their rights.

This just highlights some of the many things that a number of U.S. consumers (myself included) don’t like about Verizon. Thankfully, just because Big Red isn’t living up to their end of the deal doesn’t mean that Chromebook Pixel LTE owners are being completely shafted. In an attempt to make up for Verizon’s abrupt end of its free data offer, Google is now offering $150 to all Verizon LTE Chromebook Pixel owners in the form of a Visa gift card.

For Verizon’s part they have since ‘apologized’ for the matter, saying they are working on a solution for customers that were affected by the end of the offer. We wouldn’t get our hopes up, however. For Chromebook LTE owners on Verizon’s network, what do you think of Google’s offer? More than enough, or should Google (and/or Verizon) do even more to make up for things?

Andrew Grush
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