chromebook pixel (1)

Continuing developments in the Chromebook saga leak out today, as we find new details lending credence that maybe… just maybe… the Chromebook Pixel is real.

Android Authority broke the story yesterday about the “leaked” video, showcasing the alleged new Chromebook. We all drooled, checked our bank account balance, then took a step back. Could it be real? If we may be so bold as to connect some dots, it just might make a little more sense. is a domain registrar who happens to list Google as a top client. Interestingly enough, also has registered. Is this coincidence? We’d like to think not. The same (relatively obscure) registrar of Google also having registered is too odd a coincidence for me not to believe Google is, indeed, naming the new Chromebook “pixel”.

Screenshot from 2013-02-06 19-26-06

Does this mean the video is the real deal?

Not exactly… but nobody at Google has officially denied it. Google is famously tight-lipped about their projects, potential or otherwise, so the only time we may get clarity is at Google I/O this Spring. News out of China late last year birthed the rumor of Google working on a self-branded, touchscreen Chromebook. The leaked video yesterday gave us a little hint at the name, and perhaps screen awesomeness. Now, we find to be registered with the same company Google registers many of their websites, around the same time the original rumor leaked.

Coincidences do happen, but these instances all seem too tightly wound to be just that. What do you think? Have we seen the future of Chromebook, an elaborate hoax, or a series of odd coincidences?