Acer C7 ChromebookAt the time of this writing, Chromebooks are only available to be purchased in the US and the UK, but that doesn’t mean Google has no plans to offer Chromebooks in other countries.

Ausdroid contacted Google on the topic of Chromebooks being sold in Australia and received this response:

When we announced the Samsung and Acer devices, we launched them in the US and UK to start. We plan to make them available in more countries very soon. With the Pixel, we’re similarly launching in the US and UK first and hope to bring them to more users over time, but have nothing to announce at this time.

While Chromebooks won’t be coming to Australia and other countries immediately, it’s good to know that Google has plans to expand its international offering further, and “very soon” too. In the meantime, Australians dying to get their hands on the Chrome OS will have to settle with the Chromebox for now.

Don’t go running for the Chromebox too quickly though. Ausdroid commenter TheInsider says that he can confirm Google launching two Chromebooks within two weeks, which he says will be “the Acer and Samsung one”. Take that with a large grain of salt as we can’t verify his credibility, but it sure is interesting considering Google’s statement to Ausdroid.

Lastly, Ausdroid contacted HP Australia and Lenovo regarding the selling of the Pavillion 14 Chromebook and ThinkPad X131e Chromebook in Australia. HP responded saying they will expand to more countries over time while Lenovo Australia said they have no current plans to sell its Chromebook in Australia.

Brad Ward
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