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Chrome users are probably familiar with the Chrome Web Store. Much like the Play Store for Android, the Chrome Web Store is where all kinds of apps and extensions are housed for the powerhouse browser. Having already mastered security better than anyone, the Chrome team is taking it one step further.

In what is being coined “Enhanced Item Validation”, apps and extensions submitted to the Web Store will now undergo a scan for anything troubling or malicious. It won’t take long, as the Google+ blog post notes it should last 60 minutes at best, but they now see it as a necessary step.

Will this require any additional steps for developers? Nope! According to the blog post, developers will have to perform no additional steps:

[quote qtext=”This new functionality does not require any action on the part of developers. When you publish an item in the store, the developer dashboard will indicate that your item is in the process of being published. You can cancel the publishing process during this time if you want to make any changes to the item.” qperson=”Google Chrome Developers” qsource=”Google+” qposition=”center”]

Google has always scanned apps and extensions, but the delay is new. Why a possible hold up? Just a stopgap for early detection, that’s all. As Chrome development becomes more of a focus for Google, steps like these are necessary. Development is becoming more prominent, with tools like Editey or Code Envy making waves. It’s nice to know the Chrome team still has security at the forefront. A trusted, secure platform becomes both adopted by users and reliable for developers, and that’s something we can all get on board with.