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Chrome Web Store will soon feature multi-platform support

The Chrome Web Store has thousands of apps and extensions, and Google is planning on adding multi-platform support to make it much easier on developers.
March 26, 2013
Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is where you can find a number of different apps or extensions that suite your needs, and Google is working on an update that will benefit both developers and users. According to developer François Beaufort who now works at Google as a Chromium Evangelist (and recently broke news on Google Now coming to Chrome and Chrome OS,) the Chrome Web Store will soon have multi-platform support.

What this means is developers will only need to upload one zip file which contains specific resources for each supported platform. From there, the “Chrome Web Store will generate one crx file per platform and serve the appropriate one based on your device.” Known as “webstore multi-crx feature,” it’ll save network bandwidth and storage space on developer machines.

Since the introduction of Google+, we’ve seen Google working to unify all of its products and services, and this is a further step in that direction. With this upcoming support on the Chrome Web Store, any application or extension that works in Chrome, could work no matter what platform you’re accessing it from.