Our tech life no longer centralizes around a single system. We live in a multi-platform world and a new challenge has emerged – we need to keep our services and applications somehow connected.

This is mostly done by using cloud services and apps that sync across devices, but finding them in different app stores and online markets can be a hassle. This is why Google is making it easier for Chrome and Android users to find the right apps for their multi-platform experience.

The Chrome Web Store now features a new filtering option for narrowing down apps and extensions, based on which ones have an Android alternative. The app page will then offer you a link to the same app’s Google Play Store page.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 4.32.29 PM

Simply go to the top-left side of the Chrome Web Store and click one the box located next to where it says “Show”. This is a drag-down manu, and in the list there will be a “For Android” option. Select this option and you will be presented with all the Chrome apps that have Android counterparts.

As expected, there is a plentiful list of apps that are both in Chrome and Android, so you can start seeing which are the most convenient for you. We are not sure what Google’s plan may be, but we assume they want to merge their services as they grow.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 4.38.01 PM

Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world, while Chrome is the most popular browser, and Chrome OS continues to grow dramatically. These platforms need to be unified. Of course this feature will also be very helpful for new users, so it does have an immediate reward.

I do have to wonder if the same trick will be applied to the Google Play Store. Maybe it would be a good idea to add links to related Chrome apps and extensions, in order to further promote Chrome and its Web Store.

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