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Chrome update improves battery life and adds "Do Not Track"

After months of testing, Google Chrome has just received a new update that includes the must-have “Do Not Track” feature and offers improved power consumption.
November 7, 2012

Google on Tuesday pushed out an update for its Chrome browser that finally adds the must-have “Do Not Track” feature among other things. Many users have requested the feature in the past, and after being tested on the beta version of Chrome, the new security option has made its way to the newly released build.

This feature, if you have not seen or heard about it before, allows you to browse the web without being tracked. Sites like Facebook and Google are well-known for tracking your web-actions for marketing purposes, and so “Do Not Track” is quite significant to many privacy-conscious web users.

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and just about every other major web browser have their own “Do Not Track” feature, with Chrome coming in last this time around. The update is currently available only for Windows, Mac, and Linux users, but rest assured that Chrome Mobile will most likely be getting it next.

Moreover, the new Chrome version will let users access permissions for websites in a single place – by just clicking on the lock icon next to the website’s address – including geolocation, pop-ups and camera/microphone access.

One other newsworthy feature that was included in this release is the new GPU-accelerated video decoder engine that is reported to reduce power consumption for Windows users. In its test, Google found that computer batteries lasted 25% longer when using the new Chrome version. An improvement like that, if brought to Android, would certainly be welcomed with open arms.