Who knew that Google Chrome would get so far? It now accounts for 1/3 of the market, and it has the highest browser market share as well, surpassing the total market share of IE (IE7, IE8, IE9) on its own. Chrome took 33.4% market share in June, according to StatCounter, while IE took only 32%. Firefox was at 23.7%, while Safari was at 7.1%.

What’s nice about Chrome is that it auto-updates every few weeks, so pretty much everyone is on the latest version of Chrome,¬†benefiting¬†from the latest features and latest performance improvements, and enjoying faster-loading web pages.

Compare this to IE, which has almost the same market share but it’s mostly made by IE8, which is 3 years old, and by IE9 which is also almost a year and a half old.

Now that Chrome has finally launched on Android, and it’s also becoming the default browser on Jelly Bean, it means that mobile users can also benefit from the same speeds and fast updates that they get with the desktop version of Chrome, while also being able to sync everything between the desktop and the mobile versions.

For now, I don’t see Chrome’s growth slowing down, and its market share should only increase now that Android device owners will also be able to use it on their mobile devices.

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