Sundar Pichai

When Sundar Pichai took over as Android chief, it led so many of us to wonder what it all meant. Our initial concern was that Google would combine the two services. We tried to wrap our head around it, and figure out how it would work out. A Chrome-Android merger… was it possible? Would it make sense?

After the initial dust-up, cooler heads prevailed. We realized it was more about a great leader in Pichai, and some functionality that can be shared between the two massive programs. Today, we get news of what some of that functionality may be.

All D11, the All Things D conference, Android boss Sundar Pichai spoke about Android security. He noted that with Chrome, there are a variety of security features that he’d like to see on Android. “From a security, child safety, etc. standpoint, Chrome OS lets you be a guest user. We’re working on things like that on Android.” said Pichai.

We didn’t hear a release timeframe for any of these developments, but that’s no big deal. The mere fact that two programs, which we all love using, will be cross referencing each other is amazing. It goes to show that there is space for both in the mobile landscape, and that worlds can mesh rather than collide. The Chrome team has security figured out better than anyone, and as programs like “bring your own device” become more popular, Android security will be at the forefront of concerns. If the Android team can pick up some cues from the Chrome team, we may never have to worry about mobile security again.

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