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A few users of the Chrome Remote Desktop browser extension have been asked by Google to help beta test Chrome Remote Desktop for Android. The beta is invite only, for users that opted in to help Chrome improve the browser based remote desktop client.

The photos come from a lucky reader over at Droid Life, as I can personally attest that having opted in does not guarantee an invite to the beta.


If you are familiar with the Chrome browser extension, you know that it too offers a fairly simple interface, and provides a fairly solid and secure connection across computers. We truly look forward to getting our hands on the Android app and testing things out for ourselves.

Chrome Remote Desktop Client

We cannot confirm this yet, but understand that the Android app will bring a handful of gesture based actions, including:

  • Swipe gesture to move the mouse pointer in that direction
  • Tap once to left click
  • Tap and hold and then drag to perform the equivalent of click and drag
  • Two finger pinch to zoom
  • Two finger swipe to scroll
  • Two finger tap to right click
  • Three finger tap to middle click
  • Three finger swipe up to reveal the virtual keyboard
  • Three finger swipe down to reveal the tool bar
Chrome Remote Desktop Android

We previously learned about this project under the name Chromoting; moving forward with the full name Chrome Remote Desktop, thus matching the computer browser client, makes a little more sense, even if it is not as fun. For anyone hoping that this is an example of Google implementing Chrome browser extensions on Android, it does not appear this is it, it appears this is a standalone Android app. One thing is certain though, quality and free remote desktop functionality from Android to desktop is a welcome service. Services like TeamViewer work rather well already, but require extra software to be installed and running that the average user may not be able to handle as easily as opening a Chrome extension.

After a bit of digging, it turns out that this project started out, as most Chrome projects do, as a part of the Chromium open source project. This means that for those that are eager to give Chromoting a go now, be prepared for a long list of requirements, but go ahead and get started preparing your Linux install and compiling your own apk from the Chromium project here.

Are you a frequent user of the Chrome Remote Desktop extension? Would you benefit from an Android app?