Samsung Series 5 550Hackers taking part in Google’s Pwnium challenge in its first two years found vulnerabilities in Chrome, and Google promptly rolled out updates to fix them, which made the software stronger than it was before. For the Chrome OS-focused Pwnium 3, entrants could not show a working exploit on the Series 5 550 target machine.

The fact that entrants couldn’t exploit the target machine compliments Google’s initiative to keep Chrome as secure as possible. The downside is that whatever holes there are left remain undiscovered. While the Chrome OS may have stayed strong, the standard Chrome browser, Firefox and Internet Explorer were exploited in the Pwn2Own that was in tandem with the Pwnium 3 challenge.

Regardless, Chromebook Pixel owners should be much happier with their purchases after seeing how secure the Chrome OS is. It may not be free from exploits, but the challenge proves the Chrome OS to be very secure. While it may be secure, no doubt hackers will be encouraged to try and exploit the Chrome OS on their own after hearing how entrants weren’t able to exploit it.

Brad Ward
Residing in Eastern Michigan, Brad is a lover of all-things Android. Technology has always been a fascination for him. His first phone was the Motorola Atrix 2 with a recent upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. He enjoys gaming, weightlifting, reading, creating ideas and most of all, writing.