Google Notifications Galore (2)

People got really excited the other day over what seemed to be a first clue of an upcoming communication app that would finally bring together Google’s multiple messaging apps, such as Voice, Talk, Messenger, and Gmail.

But it seems it was just a case of collective wishful thinking, because Francois Beaufort, the developer who published the screenshot showing the new app icon, has clarified what the new icon actually represents.

According to Beaufort, the app in question is an internal testing application that the Chrome OS team built to put the new notification center through its paces. Dubbed Notifications Galore!, the app is available for download right now. Francois Beaufort provides installation instructions in his Google Plus post, if you’re curios to give the new app a spin.

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Before you say that the colored bubbles icon in the toolbar could belong to another app, Beaufort admitted in the comments that the icon belongs to Notifications Galore!. Color us disappointed.

Does this mean Google is not, in fact, working on that fabled unified messaging app? We don’t think so. A unified messaging app is high on the wishlist of many Google users. Given the amount of work that the Chrome OS team is putting behind the notification center, it’s only logical for Google to go through with the project. Besides, the company needs to streamline its chaotic messaging services, given the competition from apps like Whatsapp, and the much better job that Apple has been doing on iOS.

More details are likely to come soon, so stay tuned.

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