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Not long after Google I/O, two livestreams have been scheduled on the Google Developers website. Both events are specifically created for Chrome Mobile, but beyond that, there’s a lack of details. However, you’ll be able to find out what they’re all about soon, with one of them set for June 7 at 1:00 p.m. EDT and the second scheduled for June 13 at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

We have no idea what the topics at these two events involve. However, at least one of could be about Chrome security features, which is something Chrome and Android boss Sundar Pichai mentioned during D11. The events will certainly be interesting, as Google has never scheduled an event specifically for Chrome Mobile, and certainly not so soon after Google I/O. Although, it’s not really a surprise Google scheduled an event soon after Google I/O given the fact that we didn’t see a whole lot of Chrome news at the developer conference.

The first video is titled “Chrome Mobile Special Event” and the second is named “Mobile Chrome Special Event”. From that you could gather that they just accidentally duplicated a video, but since both have been given a time and date, that seems unlikely. Whatever the event is about, I’m certainly excited to hear about more advancements in Chrome, and I’m sure my colleague Nate Swanner is as well.

We can’t even begin to imagine what we’ll see at these events, however, we’d like to know what you think Google has in store for us.

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