Google Voice Search for Chrome

At Google I/O, we all marveled at Google Now’s new voice search feature. With that function, the line was blurring between our mobile device and desktop computer. We were seeing the genesis of complete cohesion, and a disregard for platform.

Functionality is the order of the day, and with the latest Chrome update we get more of it. Searching by voice is included in the latest stable version of the Chrome browser, which is version 27. As you see in the picture above, there will be a little microphone in the search bar. Simply click on it, tell Google Now what’s on your mind, and get some results.

For all the talk of a Chrome-Android merger, and just what that would mean moving forward, it looks like we have a glimpse. We’ve long proposed that both platforms have some functionality that can (and should) be shared, and voice search is one of them. Most computers have a microphone, just like your smartphone. Both search the same place for information, so it was really a matter of sharing a little code.

If you’re not sure about which version of Chrome you’re running, or need to upgrade, go to ‘Settings’ in the browser and click on ‘Help’. It will do a little search for which version you’re on, and if you need an upgrade. If you do, it will prompt you to restart your session. If you don’t, go ask Google some fun questions and let us know what answers you get in the comments section below!