Chrome is everywhere. That’s the message Google is trying to send us, and in all honesty it’s something most of us already are well aware of by now.

A new spot, titled “Now Everywhere” emphasises all the benefits of using Chrome across all your devices and platforms. In fact, I can attest to the validity of this since I myself have been using Chrome on my desktop, tablet and phone for more than 2 years now. It allows you to sync passwords, settings, bookmarks, auto-filled addresses and more in the cloud, making the overall experience of browsing the web that much more cohesive.

Tab syncing across devices is an absolutely killer feature, and one that has saved me innumerable times in times of need. Performance on Android phones, especially ones which are not backed by cutting edge hardware leave something to be desired, but Google knows about this and is actively improving the app with every update.


Apart from that, it is fast, well endowed with features, very secure and there is no other reason I can think to not switch over to this browser ecosystem. And who knows, one day when you save up enough money to get this beauty, the transition will be so much easier for you. Check out the video above, complete with Beethovan’s Fifth playing in the background for your viewing pleasure: