Chrome for Android received a nice little upgrade today, adding password sync and autofill functionality. A fix that handles blank pages loading was also included, though that wasn’t prevalent or major. There were, of course, performance improvements as well.

The password sync and autofill functionality are the most poignant updates, as they represent a step closer to true cross platform functionality. Now, rather than having to sign-in to a website on each device, your sign-in credentials will migrate to any Chrome browser you use. The autofill function is also handy for those who take advantage of that feature. Entering your information can be tedious on smaller screens, and this adds a layer of convenience that is more than welcome.

These functions were only available on the desktop and Android Chrome Beta versions previously, so making it to the regular version of Chrome for Android is great for everyone. The ability to go anywhere, and have your info follow you, is appropriate and welcome. We’ll all feel less like our various Chrome browsers don’t sync out side of bookmarks and open tabs.