Google Keep

Google Keep, the company’s simple and well-designed note-taking app, is even easier to use with an unofficial extension that maintains it at your fingertips.

Once you’ve added the extension to Google Chrome from the download link you can find below, you’ll be able to access Google Keep directly, just by clicking “Open Keep” in Chrome’s context menu (as seen in the screenshot below).

Google Keep

The extension’s options are just as simple, allowing you to decide whether you want to use Google Keep in a panel, popup or tab, with the first two options also allowing size in pixels to be controlled. Apart from that, if you’ve used Google Keep before, nothing will change; you’ll probably just enjoy the fact that it’s quicker to access.

Of course, this extension is for the web version of Google Keep, but if you want to know more about the Android app, you can always check out our video review below (you can also read the text version here).

Are you a Google Keep user or do you prefer another note-taking app? If so, which one?

Bogdan Bele
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