Earlier today, Google released the beta version of Chrome for Android which excited a lot of people. One of the things that attracted people to the browser is because it provides support for the internet’s modern standards. At the same time, it includes several features which are not found on the default browser of Android. Unfortunately, there is one feature that is not included on the mobile port—the integrated Flash runtime.

Because this saddened a lot of people, Adobe issued an official statement which confirms this: Chrome for Android does not support Flash content. In addition to this, Adobe has mentioned they do not have any future plans of working with Google to add a support for Flash functionality on the new mobile browser. Instead, Adobe will continue supporting Flash on the default Android browser.

“Today Google introduced Chrome for Android Beta. As we announced last November, Adobe is no longer developing Flash Player for mobile browsers, and thus Chrome for Android Beta does not support Flash content,” Bill Howard, Adobe’s Flash Platform product manager, wrote.

For years, Adobe has been struggling to make the Flash player plugin available on smartphones. While it was able to make the plugin work quite well on Android phones, there were other results on different systems. Moreover, Apple is unwilling to allow the plugin to work on its iOS platform. Also, Android users were unable to enjoy using Flash on their devices compared to their PCs.

These issues have caused Adobe to abandon its strategy for mobile Flash player, which they have announced last year. They have recently announced they will be phasing out development of the mobile plugin, so they can concentrate more on web standards.

Perhaps when Google decides to replace the current default Android browser with Chrome in the upcoming versions of Android OS, then Adobe will be able to revive their mobile Flash player plugin strategy once again.


What do you think of this? Were you looking forward to a mobile Flash player plugin for your Android smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!