Sungworld, also known as Shenzhen Sungworld Electronics CO., Ltd, are an established Chinese based firm operating since August 2003. In their latest offering Sungworld have revealed a 7’’ MID touchscreen device running Android. Although the physical characteristics give the impression of ‘chunky’, the device packs a punch under the hood.

Users can expect an ARM926 CP supported by 128MB of memory, and 2GB of onboard storage. For good measure the device offers 2 USB ports, but there is no information on whether an external memory card may be used. Rumor has it that this device will come in five colors, including pink, blue, green, black and purple. We’re not sure how much this will run for and when it will be released, so consider this a preliminary look at the device while we dig up more information for you over the next few weeks.

[via Engadget]

James Tromans

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