It seems like Chinese smartphone manufacturers, ZTE and Huawei, are making waves with their low and mid end Android smartphone units. In line with this, they hope to dominate these two markets. Their goal: become a bestseller. Their strategy: push smartphone pricing to new lows.

One of the devices that Huawei is putting out in the open for this purpose is the Huawei Blaze, which is available for only $93 (without contract). The smartphone features a 3.2-inch display and a 3MP camera. Compared with the other low-end smartphones, the Blaze is only 11mm thick.

As for ZTE’s strategy, it is targeting remarkable sales of 80 million handsets in 2012 plus 100% smartphone volume growth. Ever since their ZTE Blade obtained recognition for the second best selling WCDMA phone throughout China last summer, it is gearing up to a total of 10 million units in its global sales. Moreover, their ZTE Skate has skyrocketed to new heights.

The combined power of these two Chinese smartphone manufacturers is vicious. It won’t be long before they become a global phenomenon and reach the likes of other Android manufacturers in the US.

“ZTE and Huawei are in the process of crushing the mid-tier Android competition, but they are also eyeing other device segments. ZTE’s Windows model Tania is debuting in the UK at the monthly contract rate of 10 pounds – half of what the Nokia 710 will cost.

After strong gains in Europe and China, the Chinese vendors are now going to attack the US smartphone market in 2012. Squeezed between Apple and Samsung at one end, the Chinese low-cost vendors at the other, mid-tier vendors may be about to demolished. LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony – their bad 4Q11 performances are just a prelude to a devastating 2012.”