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Cheaper Moto X version in the works, Motorola CEO says

A cheaper Moto X version is in the works, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has confirmed, without revealing what features the device will have, how much it will cost or when it will launch.
August 1, 2013
Moto X

The on-contract pricing for the freshly announced Moto X smartphone starts at $199 in the USA, which is much higher than initially expected. But Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside said that a cheaper version of the handset will also be available later this year.

While Motorola didn’t initially announce off-contract pricing details for the handset, we soon learned that the $16GB version will cost $575, while the $32GB version will cost $625. These are certainly higher prices than what the rumors said, as it looks like Google isn’t necessarily looking at selling this device at cost (or close to) as it was expected.

However, Woodside said that a cheaper Moto X model – the Moto X Mini? – will be available in the future for U.S. buyers that prefer getting their new devices with prepaid deals but also for international customers that aren’t able to get great subsidized offers in other regions.

Interestingly, a previous report revealed that the UK (and the whole of Europe) won’t receive the Moto X. Instead, the region will get future products from the same Moto X family.

In the same interview with CNET in which he revealed that a cheaper Moto X model is in the works, Woodside also said that the Moto X is the first device of the family, somewhat confirming what a Pocket-lint learned when inquiring about the UK Moto X launch.

“Moto X is the brand that we are most focused on,” he said. “And there is more to come. You will see additional products within months.”

Woodside also added that he wants Motorola to “be able to offer cutting edge technology at an affordable price,” and mentioned the iPhone as as a too expensive option for prepaid buyers:

“Buying a new iPhone at full price for a prepaid service costs quite a bit of money,especially families who are buying devices for multiple people,” he said.

However, Woodside did not say when the cheaper Moto X will launch, how much it will cost, and what features it will have to offer.