For quite a while now, the mobile phone market has seen trends in new features and sassy designs. Of course, this often came with hefty price tags that people were willing to shell out just to have the latest smartphone model. Today, telecom operators in Taipei are beginning to come up with more affordable smartphones that many of us will gladly welcome.

With lots of people are still very much interested in owning a smartphone, new models that are priced less than USD 333 or NTD 10,000 are expected to come out and do well. It has been reported that Chunghwa Telecom Co is about to team up with HTC Corp to launch an affordable smartphone sometime next week. Chunghwa Telecom has already been offering bargain smartphone models from HTC, Samsung Electronics, and Huawei Technology. Over the past few months, it has already been taking enormous steps toward this direction and market.

Last August, Huawei IDEOS XI, running on Android 2.2, was launched by Taiwan’s Huawei Technology and Far EasTone Telecommunications Co Ltd. Priced at less than NTD 5,000 (USD 166), the bargain model targets consumers who want to use their phones for Internet but are not willing to spend 5 or 6 times more.

One month after, Taiwan mobile Co launched the Fantastic T3 that boasts of a 4.3 inch touch panel just like the one found in the most popular smartphones today. Moreover, its features become more seemingly impressive with the fact that it is 50% cheaper than most of the models in its category.

All in all, the bargain models forecast implies that the market for these phones will continue to rise. Expensive smartphones may still be considered as the mainstream in the market today, but, come next year, its market is going to decline, resulting to the already rising demand for more affordable smartphone models.

Article Source: Taipei_Times