ChatOn, a new instant messaging service by Samsung, was recently launched in the Android Market. Through the app, Android, Bada, and other smartphones (soon) can chat with their contacts who own an iOS device. The app lets users have a one-on-one chat, group chat, and broadcast with their friends. Moreover, it has message drawing features and ability to let users share photos, video, their locations, other contact, calendar appointments, and voice snippets.

After its availability on Android and Bada smartphones, Samsung has mentioned that it will have a BlackBerry and Windows Mobile version of ChatOn soon. Additionally, a web interface is on the plans to be developed so that all internet-connected mobile devices can be tapped.

As of this writing, the app has received between 100,000 and 500,000 installations on Android devices. In order to send free messages to iOS users, you will have to request that your friend also downloads the iOS version of ChatOn. This will allow Android and iOS users to send messages across all platforms for free.


Download the app by clicking here.

Christine Torralba

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