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ChaOS ROM founder Clark Scheff also joining Cyanogen Inc.

Earlier today we reported that AOKP's Roman Birg was joining Cyanogen Inc, and now it looks like chaOS ROM founder Clark Scheff is also joining the team!
January 24, 2014

Earlier today we reported on how AOKP’s founder Roman Birg had been snatched up by Cyanogen Inc., and now it looks like yet another custom ROM founder is joining Cyanogen. Taking to G+ account this evening, Chameleon OS ROM founder Clark Scheff has now announced that he has accepted as job as a software engineer for CyanogenMOD.

ChaOS might not be as well-known of a custom ROM as AOKP and CyanogenMod, but it’s still a pretty cool ROM that is best recognized for its theme engine and a few other unique features.

Like Birg, Scheff plans to continue working on ChaOS during his spare time, as long as “there is no conflict of interest” with CyanogenMOD and its efforts. He also points out that ChaOS is an open-source project, and therefore others are more than welcome to contribute to the ChaOS effort.

As for Cyanogen, it’s clear that they are working hard to bring some of the best Android developers over to its growing company, and we imagine this is only the beginning. Fans of CyanogenMOD have a lot to be excited about, that much is certain. What do you think of Cyanogen Inc’s current direction and their hiring of at least two known ROM founders? Excited for what the future holds?