The Motorola Droid X

The Motorola Droid X

The DROID Incredible was a hotly anticipated Android smartphone from HTC that has been on back-order for much of the time since it launched. Orders for this device are numerous and, in truth, Verizon have shown a few signs that they are struggling with the demand. After a moment of genius, Verizon are now offering users the ability to switch from a Droid Incredible back-order to a Motorola Droid X when it becomes available.

The official statement from Verizon is:

The Droid Incredible by HTC, as you know, definitely lives up to its name and is a fantastic device. It has proven to be very, very popular with our customers. Should a customer who has ordered a Droid Incredible decide that the Droid X (or any other device) better meets his/her needs, he/she can take advantage of the Verizon Wireless Worry Free Guarantee and choose the Droid X when it goes on sale July 15.
Customers cannot pre-order the Droid X with us.

With the Droid X announcement trailing that of the Droid Incredible, chances are a number of Verizon users might have made noises of concern. After effectively tying themselves into a new device, Verizon comes along and offers an (arguably better) alternative. This offer to switch your order is an excellent idea, although we’re not sure how HTC are going to feel about it. On the upside, Motorola, who make the Droid X are no doubt loving it.

We can expect the Droid X will be available in stores on July 15th.

[It should be pointed out that Verizon is *not* killing off the Incredible, and issued a statement to us saying that it was not being phased out at all. There have been AMOLED display shortages, though, that have made it difficult for HTC to build enough Incredibles to meet demand. -editor]

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