The developer behind Chameleon is really firing all cylinders with its steady stream of update of the Android launcher alternative. After releasing build 0.9.0 last week, which was then followed by version 0.9.5 – we finally have an up and running Chameleon V1.0.

Along with the usual performance boost and bugs fixing, here’s what version 1.0 of Chameleon brings:

  • Fixed “blank widget” problem
  • Deactivated Dashboard sleeping
  • 5 Dashboards for 7-inch tablets
  • 4 Dashboards for 10-inch tablets

If you’ve been encountering instances when the widgets on your homescreen just seem to disappear, the latest update should fix that problem. As for point #2 above, apparently more work is still need to be done.

Though Chameleon has now graduated to version 1.0, the developer provides assurance that they will still work hard in bringing out regular updates. As for what you can look forward to for its next release, they are aiming to fix the Gmail/Twitter widget that can’t seem to authenticate. Those who are longing for a Calendar and Google+ widget should get their wishes soon.

If you don’t mind spending $10.27 for the “revolutionary” tablet launcher, you can find Chameleon on Google Play. For those who have downloaded the launcher, what do you think about the latest version of Chameleon?