Fans of Chameleon Launcher – you shall not be waiting much longer now. With a regular release and update cycle, the Chameleon Launcher team has reached its first release candidate build.

Most of the 0.95 features and fixes make a distinct difference to the performance and usability of Chameleon, notably the stability improvements regarding widgets. I’ve been running the update this morning and I’m delighted to see that everything is a little faster and the Widgets don’t implode after a few hours of usage.

New Features / Inclusions

  • Added Dashboard Manager animations when adding/deleting a Dashboard
  • App Tray icons no longer get cut-off by some devices.
  • Additional start-up time improvements.
  • Fixed a major bug in the web views used for widgets causing bloated memory.
  • Home screens now go into a ‘Sleepy’ mode when inactive for a period of time.
  • Fixed issue where widgets still sometimes appeared blank (fingers crossed)
  • Fixed issue where widgets sometimes appear to be continually loading.
  • There is now a max of only 4 home screens.
  • Added “Shout Outs” section, to make our Kickstarter backers famous! Thanks for the support.
  • Can now post tweets/updates from Twitter and Facebook Widgets when the native apps are installed.
  • Added, updated and finalized the default Chameleon wallpapers.

The demand for more widgets has also been answered. The team claims to be working on a Google+ and Calendar widget. In the 0.9.0 build they also released Widget templates and a system which means developers can begin designing away before the final release. The final release is expected to include a store/market for the widgets to be downloaded from.

Not long now everyone!

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