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Our Day 3 at CES was certainly interesting, although not as manic as the first two days of coverage. That was until Samsung kicked of their second event at CES, one dedicated to the nitty-gritty aspects of its business. Did you ask for octo-core? You got it. Flexible displays. Why not?

Meanwhile, our team of mobile aficionadas is still hard at work looking at the new Android-powered devices on show, interviewing company representatives, and creating versus videos.

Here’s our roundup of day 3 at CES. We are preparing a lot of hands-on videos and versus videos between the hottest smartphones announced at CES, so stay tuned. Meanwhile check out our roundup of the juiciest news from day 3 of CES.

T-Mobile’s LTE is coming soon to Vegas

With the eyes of the tech world set on Las Vegas, T-Mobile thought that CES would be the perfect occasion to spread the word about its 2013 plans.

The carrier has confirmed that it will soon offer unlimited data on no-contract plans. Other exciting developments in the world of the magenta network are the new HD Voice service that T-Mo is rolling out and the much-awaited arrival of LTE. Las Vegas will be one of the first markets where T-Mobile fires up LTE, in a few weeks. More here.

T-Mobile unlimited prepaid 4G

The Galaxy S4 could actually be octo-core

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of the announcements that Samsung made yesterday.

First off, the Exynos 5 Octa. The Octa is the first processor built on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, one that combines four Cortex A15 cores (used for intensive tasks) with four Cortex A7 cores (used when energy saving is a priority). The resulting eight-core CPU promises to be faster than anything else on the market out there, but also more forgiving on battery life than current quad-core designs. Could we see Exynos 5 Octa in the Galaxy S4?


Then there’s Youm. This is the name of Samsung’s brand of flexible displays, and apparently the name of the first smartphones to use the technology. We’ve seen flexible displays from Samsung and others manufacturers for years, but this time the Koreans seem to be actually close to putting their innovative displays into commercial devices. We can’t wait to see them. More here.


Pebble is shipping!

The poster child of crowdfunding, the Pebble E-ink smartwatch has been repeatedly delayed, but now we finally have a shipping date. Kickstarters that backed the project will get to show off their new gizmo starting January 23.


Galaxy S2 Plus – from the lolwut department

It baffles us why Samsung actually went ahead and announced the Galaxy S2 Plus. By all means, it’s a Galaxy S2 with Jelly Bean. For the love of all mobile gods, why Samsung, why?

S2 Plus

Stay tuned for more coverage. Nobody is sleeping at Android Authority!

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