For those who are anticipating the upcoming CES 2012 in January, there are some new information you can look forward to. We have enough reason to believe that on this particular event, Samsung Mobile will be launching their first Android that’s powered by Intel. To add to this bit of information, the new phone will be a property of Sprint.

Recently, we’ve heard rumors that Samsung has plans to step out from the PC business; considering its immense success in Android devices. In an effort to stop this from happening, their partnership with Intel has been renewed. As you might have guessed, this renewal will only produce more smartphones in the upcoming year.

A while back, we have also reported that Intel was patiently waiting for the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich before they also join the Android smartphone market. It seems that this wait has finally reached a stop as PCWorld has reported that Intel already has executed the Android 4.0 on an unnamed device, powered by Medfield—their Atom processor (of course). Also, it has been said that the company is now dealing with manufacturers in order to optimize their features on the devices they chose.

Further update of this innovation should be released on the highly anticipated Keynote presentation of Paul Otellini (Intel’s CEO), come CES 2012 time. We have reason to believe that he has been touting to the superiority of their Atom processor (AllThingsD) over the javascript, graphics and browser performance of ARM’s chips. But with regards to their battery life, Intel only came in 3rd or 4th place.

Sprint Too

It has been said that Intel isn’t the only one giving us something to look forward to at the CES. We’ve also learned that Sprint is prepping themselves for a big announcement. Can it be another ‘industry first’ trademark Keynote presentation hinting at the supersonic smartphone that’s powered by Intel and operating on Android 4.0 ICS? It sure sounds crazy but we’ll have to wait for January 10 to find out!


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