The Galaxy Nexus has become a big hit. The Android smart phone delivers a lot in its small form. Produced by Samsung, it boasts a super AMOLED display, a dual core processor, a gigabyte of RAM, and runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. Google fanboys have drooled over it since first images of it have been released. When it hit US shores though, there was a bit of a fly in the ointment. Verizon had gotten hold of the Nexus contract and were bringing it out – with a minor change. The Google label was replaced by a Verizon logo.

Although not exactly a world-ending dilemma, it wasn’t exactly a pleasant surprise for many a Google supporter. Since release day, many of them have been looking for a replacement cover and turning up empty. This is mostly because of the slightly smaller size. Even the original GSM cover doesn’t replace the Verizon-branded one. It maybe a bit obsessive to do it, but there is something wrong about having a Nexus without a Google logo on it.


In their quest to find the perfect cover, a lot of these Google fanatics have tried out many a replacement. It’s a wonder that no enterprising company has yet to take advantage of this. For those who’ve just recently got their hands on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and want the more “authentic” Google cover, skip on that ambition for awhile. Even the 20 dollar covers being advertise on Amazon to fit a SCH-I515 chassis – which the Nexus has – won’t fit. Better to just save up and wait for some company to finally release a good replacement – or just be satisfied with that Verizon logo.

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