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Catch a Cheating Partner with the Aid of StealthGenie

November 4, 2011

Have you ever faced the dilemma of cheating partners? Or, are you a parent who constantly monitors your children’s whereabouts in school?  Cunning as it sounds, there’s an Android app that could wirelessly monitor the person’s cell phone activities.

Introducing the StealthGenie, a wireless cell phone monitoring app for Android that, once installed into a person’s smartphone, can turn it into a listening station that covertly operates and captures events like inbound and outbound calls, makes a report manifest, and sends the information to a Web-based server for you to take a peek on what’s going on.

The app is quite handy for catching cheating employees, too, as well as hunting down unfaithful spouses out in the wild.

Spying on someone’s phone was relatively limited to spy-thriller movies, but thanks to StealthGenie you can now be a secret agent in your own little way. Basically the app is an exceptional piece of spying software that combines the elements of remote monitoring and tracking features. Here are some features worth mentioning that make’s StealthGenie worth your time and money:

Real Time Call Monitoring

Talk about wire tapping, but StealthGenie can quietly eavesdrop on phone conversations, both incoming and outgoing voice calls. If you have a hunch on who’s the person your wife is secretly having an affair with, then you can set the app to trigger only for specific numbers.

StealthGenie can instantly record conversations specific to the numbers you configure and alerts you via SMS or email in case the number has been triggered. Residents in the U.S. can also track down the information of the person via reverse phone look up, a feature similar to that of a caller ID. Once the call has been done recording, it captured audio will then be stamped with additional information like time and date of the call–a useful feature to present when the need arise.

Live Call Intercept

Perhaps the most interesting and important feature of the app would be the live call intercept. With this feature, users can tap on any conversation they wish and eavesdrop on unsuspecting victims. They can intercept live conference calls and remain hidden, acting as observers.

Record Background Noises

Would it be cool if you can actually record background noises from where the person is right now? Ultimately one of StealthGenie’s “wow factors” is the ability to record background noises in the area with the use of the owner’s microphone. As a disclaimer, StealthGenie claims that it can accurately record noise within a 15-feet radius, but there are factors that could change that coverage area, as the feature solely depends on the noise level and ambient sound.

Real Time Geo Tracking and Fencing

GPS technology could never be more useful and versatile than the way StealthGenie uses it to allow you to pinpoint the exact location of the phone’s owner at all times. Geo Fencing, on the other hand, allows you to set boundaries on specified positions so that when owner of the phone leaves the area you have designated, you’ll then be notified via SMS. You can also have the option of drawing key areas on the map or simply type the name of the city or place.

The best thing that makes this app the king of all monitoring apps is that it has the most advanced features that you could possibly think of. StealthGenie comes in two separate packages–basic and pro versions.

The basic version allows all the necessary functions and features but is limited to only viewing call logs, history, SMS, contacts, email, and browser history, as well as alerting you to events like SIM swapping. Sorry, no tracking here, but once you subscribe and purchase the pro version, it unlocks everything right to the very core features mentioned above, including the complete package of tracking, spying, and monitoring services. With regards to compatibility, StealthGenie supports most Android phones.

StealthGenie is a great bargain if you ask me. There might be other applications that sport the same purpose as that of StealthGenie but nothing compares to the tons of features it has to offer. So far, StealthGenie remains on top of my list when it comes to security and monitoring applications. Try it yourself for free and if you are satisfied you can always opt to buy the pro version.  Find out more about this Android app by visiting the official StealthGenie website.