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Cat B15 handset gets dropped, drowned and ran over yet keeps on running

In a new video, Caterpillar shows off just how tough its Cat B15 handset is, dropping it from 30 feet into a pool of water. From there, it runs the device over with heavy machinery.
May 6, 2014

While Caterpillar is obviously best known for its heavy-duty construction-oriented machinery, they also happen to be a smartphone maker. As you might expect, they don’t produce just any ordinary device, however, as the Cat B15 is built to take more than a punch or two and yet keep on kicking.

To further demonstrate this level of toughness, Caterpillar has a new “Built for It” video in which they drop the device from a height of 30 feet into a pool of water. From there, it’s picked up by a Cat machine and dropped once again. After that, they run 600 of the handsets over with some of Cat’s heaviest equipment. Despite these torture tests, the Cat B15 keeps on ticking.

Unfortunately, things aren’t nearly as impressive on the inside. With the phone now nearly a year old, its specs are looking pretty shabby with its 4-inch display and dual-core 1GHz MediaTek MT6577 processor. Of course, the B15 isn’t aimed at everyday consumers and is instead designed for professionals on construction sites and others that need a device that can take a serious beating.

The B51 is currently priced at $350, though obviously it isn’t recommended for most individuals. With the device now reaching its first birthday, here’s to hoping a more powerful refresh isn’t too far off.