What is Castle Master 2?

Castle Master 2 is an MMO hack’n’slash title where you can do battle with other clans or go on various quests. The game’s main catch is that you can have online battles with up to 600 people (300 vs 300). It’s free to play in the Google Play Store and has in app purchases.

Here’s how you play the game. You create a character, join a clan, and then you do pretty much what you want. There are quests and dungeons to conquer which you can do solo or with your clan mates which allows you to level up and gain more powerful items and equipment. You can also battle other clans in gigantic battles to see who can win. There is a trophy system to see which clans are the best.

The game play is your classic hack’n’slash. You run around and slash at things until they die. You have special abilities and the like to help you but generally you’ll be button mashing the attack button. The graphics are pretty decent even if they are a little cutesy. Everything seems to be straightforward in terms of mechanics and game play.

Castle Master 2 screenshot

300 vs 300 is reason enough to try this one.


You can play with people or solo if you prefer.
300 vs 300 online battles are pretty awesome.
Above average graphics paired with simple mechanics make this game pleasant for just about anyone.
There are also some Sim elements like town management which adds to the depth of the game.


The game has some occasional server issues.
It's kind of hard being new at the game. You have to try pretty hard to progress for the first little bit.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a fun little game. It’s free to play and there are in app purchases but it won’t cost you anything to download it to see if you like it. The promise of gigantic clan battles is more than enough to give this a shot. There are a few pitfalls here and there, but nothing major.

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