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Get a DIY Google Cardboard kit for just $3.66, free shipping too

Interested in Google Cardboard? You can get your hands on a kit for just $3.66, with shipping included!
September 15, 2014

While virtual reality is far from mainstream at this point, we’ve been hearing about it more and more in the news. VR doesn’t always mean expensive devices like the Occulus Rift, or even Samsung’s mobile-oriented Galaxy VR. Back at I/O 2014, Google showed off “Cardboard” a do-it-yourself kit that utilizes a piece of cardboard with a magnet, a rubber-band and a couple pieces of plastic.

Though it is a Macgyver-style contraption, Cardboard actually works, though Google doesn’t sell the device, instead only offering up instructions for building your own and giving developers an SDK kit so they can make their own VR experiences. For those that would like to try Cardboard without having to source your own pieces, however, there have been a number of places that have offered a DIY kit with all the necessary components but a new deal from TinyDeal gives you Cardboard for the cheapest price to-date, $2.99 with free shipping.

For those wondering a bit about what devices work with Cardboard and what app experiences are out there, you’ll find a list of apps and other details over at Reddit. As for devices, the only handsets discovered to be fully compatible with the cheap VR headset are the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Moto X, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Nexus, but there’s a number of handsets that at least partially work with the low-cost tech.