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Carbon for Twitter out of tokens, what other options do you have?

The popular Twitter client Carbon has now hit against Twitter's token wall, with no work-around planned. Now that it's gone what other options do we have? Join us as we take a quick look.
January 9, 2014
Carbon 2

Last year Falcon Pro hit up against Twitter’s annoying API token wall, which limits how many accounts can use a particular Twitter client. Now Carbon for Twitter has ran into the same problem, right after pushing out its update to Carbon 2.0, we might add.

So what does this mean for Carbon for Twitter users? If you’re already rocking Carbon with an active token, it means very little actually. The developer says that he still intends to push out updates to Carbon, even if it won’t necessarily be his priority project.

As for those that were hoping to pick up the Carbon app soon, the developer says he has no plans to create any backdoor methods or tricks to add new tokens. The good news is that there are still some solid alternatives out there if you’re looking for a good Twitter client.

Falcon Pro

Falcon Pro Secret

Probably the most popular route would be to simply install Falcon Pro using its own special workaround that allows you to create your own “app keys”, effectively providing a way to get past the API limitations imposed by Twitter. You can grab the app directly from Falcon Pro’s website, and can get the work-around instructions by clicking here.

Looking for something that doesn’t require a workaround and that you can simply grab from Google Play? Here’s a few others:

Twitter for Android

Twitter Android apps
For those that don’t want to worry about the API issues or using a workaround, the official Twitter app is a somewhat obvious choice. Twitter for Android is free to use, but at the same time it also is lacking when it comes to extra features. Despite some recent updates and changes, the UI is also still less-than-great.

That said, if you don’t want or need all the bells and whistles found in the 3rd party apps out there — this could fit the bill.


Plume best twitter apps for android

Plume is probably one of the better alternatives out there for those looking for a client that doesn’t need a workaround method (at least for now). The free version has quite a few useful features including Facebook support, multi-user Twitter support, and live streaming support.

Keep in mind that you do have to put up with ads, but there is a paid option for those looking for an ad-free experience. You can get the app directly from Google Play.


HootSuite - best twitter apps for android

HootSuite is more than just a Twitter client with support for Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare — and obviously Twitter. While it supports all of these different social experiences, the app itself has a pretty basic feature set.

The good news is that the app is completely free to use, and a good way to put all your social feeds in one place.

Wrap Up

That’s just a few examples, and by no means a full list. If you’re looking for a more detailed post on Twitter clients, be sure to check out our official “8 best Twitter apps for Android” list.

What Twitter client do you currently use, and what would you recommend to new users looking for a good alternative to Carbon or the official Twitter app?