The Carbon Twitter client has been very appreciated on the defunct WebOS platform, and has also made the jump to Windows Phone. We’ve been hearing for a few months now about an Carbon for Android app that is in the works, and today we finally have some good news for all you Twitter maniacs out there.

In a post on Google Plus, Carbon for Android developers Dots & Lines have announced that the Twitter client will launch on July 22, and it will come for free. No, this won’t be an ad-supported app (the Carbon team hates them as much as you do), but a completely free, premium app.

How generous of Dots & Lines, you might say. Well, the decision to make Carbon for Android free (the app costs $1.99 on the Windows Marketplace) was pretty much forced upon the devs. See, Google only accepts Google Checkout merchants from a number of countries, meaning that developers outside those countries cannot submit paid apps. And since Dots & Lines are based in the United Arab Emirates, all they could do was hope that Google would extend the approved country list at Google I/O. Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

The Carbon team had the option to use in-app ads for monetization, but they consider that ads ruin the user experience. Kudos to them! I am sure that plenty of people would like to support development via donations, so they might get something out of it after all.

Carbon for Android will join a growing list of pretty good Twitter clients for Android (which, sadly, does not include the official app), such as Boid, Plume, TweetDeck, or Seeismic. Which one is your favorite?