Carbon 2

The new version of the popular Twitter app Carbon is just about ready with a number of new features and a fresh new design.

Designer M.Saleh Esmaeili announced the new Carbon 2.0 is all “fully wired and polished.” All that remains is to put the app up in the Google Play Store, which should happen sometime in the very near future. It may even be there buy the time you read this.

Carbon 2 brings with it a brand new look and a new Timeline design. The app also brings back the Quick Timeline option from previous versions of Carbon. There are other features in the new app, but Esmaeili seems content to tease us about what those will entail.

What we do know from Esmaeili’s Google+ post is that all the new features of Carbon 2 will be front-and-center when you download the app. None of the cool new features will be hidden behind layers of settings where most users will never find them. Presumably a few of those new features will even present themselves in the screenshot previews for the app when it hits the Play Store.

It’s not clear if developer dots & lines will release Carbon 2 as a free update to the current app, or if users will have to pay for the upgrade. There’s no mention of paying in Esmaeili’s post, but we all know developers have to eat, and a great Twitter app is always worth paying for.

Are you excited to see what’s new with Carbon 2? What’s your Twitter app of choice?

Update: The new version has now rolled out as expected. Be sure to visit Google Play to check out the new version of the app for yourself.

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