The time for partial screenshots of webpages viewed on your Android phone (and the tiresome stitching of those partial screenshots) is finally over.  Thanks to the screen-grabbing powers of the SnowDeer Web Scrapper app for Android, you can now grab entire screens of webpages.

There already is a slew of screen-capturing tools available on the Android Market, but SnowDeer Web Scrapper stands out for one unique feature–it can grab a shot of the whole webpage, not just parts of the screen.

Say you want to take a screenshot of a whole webpage, from top to bottom, including parts that you’d need to scroll down to see. Many people are looking for that kind of screenshot–whether it’s for a school assignment, a personal project, or just so you have something to read on a long trip. Normally, longer-than-screen-size webpage screenshots need to be stitched together, but SnowDeer Web Scrapper one-ups that. Sporting a simple web-browser style interface, the app allows you to instantly capture screenshots of the entire webpage you’re browsing.

Save the whole page screenshot to a folder of your choice and even set a user-defined filename for it. The app even allows you to save each image in high-quality JPEG or PNG format.

Browse to the page of your choice using the app’s built-in address bar, or jump to your currently opened webpage. If you want to scrap it, you can find the Scrap button on the lower left side of the screen.

Afraid of overpopulating the default SnowDeer directory on your SD Card? No problem; you can easily make a subdirectory for a specific project. Even better is that you can view the thumbnails of your saved images so you won’t have to browse through every single file to find the one you need.

Specify the default image format you would like to save in through the app’s Settings, as well as enable/disable High Quality mode. The option to rename each captured image manually or automatically is also at your fingertips.

SnowDeer Web Scrapper also supports integration with other web browsers, such as Dolphin HD and Firefox, and can be initiated through the page sharing option within the browser of choice. This means that the webpage of interest is opened directly in SnowDeer Web Scrapper, ready to be Scrapped.

One downside to SnowDeer Web Scrapper is that, as of this writing, it only supports taking screenshots in portrait orientation only, even when you tilt the device to landscape. You may have to zoom in a bit further to capture the webpage’s content at a readable size.

Despite its flaw, SnowDeer WebScrapper is a handy tool for people who like to collect webpage screenshots for various projects and assignments.

If you like to start collecting screenshots of webpages now, you can download SnowDeer Web Scrapper (requires at least Android 2.2) from the Android Market.

Prior to SnowDeer Web Scrapper, what screenshot app did you use for capturing webpage screenshots on your Android phone?