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Fixing the GPS Problem on the Samsung Captivate

March 10, 2012

There’s nothing more annoying than GPS that can’t find you. For users of the Samsung Captivate, the phone’s GPS has often suffered long lock times and inaccuracy in navigation. For others, it simply doesn’t work. Thanks to both mikel.canovas and h3llstorm, members of XDA Developers, there is now a way to fix that troublesome GPS. The best part is that this fix reportedly works for all Android 2.3.x Gingerbread ROMs on the Samsung Captivate.

If you’re worried that this solution will require you to exercise your command typing skills, you can relax. The GPS fix method is quick and easy. Simply follow our instructions and even the most inexperienced of Android users will be able to make it work.


If you’d like to solve your inaccurate and laggy GPS, you’ll need a few things:

  • A rooted Samsung Captivate with ClockworkMod Recovery installed
  • A fully charged battery. This prevents the phone from dying in the middle of the installation process.
  • Make sure to create a back up of all the important data on your phone in case any information will be lost or corrupted during the installation process.
  • A file explorer with root access. You can try Root Browser Lite.
  • h3llstorm’s GPS fix file


Once you have everything, you can now fix your Samsung Captivate’s GPS problem:

  1. Back up your old GPS configuration in case you’ll need to revert to it after trying the fix. To do this, make a copy of the gps.conf file located in “/system/etc”.
  2. Download the GPS fix file to your computer.
  3. Copy the GPS fix file to the root of your Samsung Captivate’s internal SD Card.
  4. Turn off your Samsung Captivate.
  5. Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery. You can do this by pressing and holding down the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons.  Release the buttons when the screen lights up.  When in recovery mode, use the Volume keys for navigation and the Power button to select options.
  6. Select “Install Zip from SD Card” and choose the GPS fix file (ZIP).
  7. After the file has finished flashing, select “Go Back.”
  8. Select “Reboot System Now”.

After the phone reboots, test the GPS with a navigation app, such as Google Maps. The developers have reported that the first time you try the GPS fix, it may take a little longer to lock to GPS than normal. Sometimes it may even take up to a minute. Subsequent locks however will get faster from there, allowing you to get 10- second locks with multiple satellites. Even indoors, the results are reportedly similar.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully decreased your Samsung Captivate’s GPS lock times.