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Canadian official racks up $20,000 bill for using 2GB in another country

The official was charged nearly $20,000 in data roaming charges by Telus.
August 28, 2014

As we have discussed previously here at Android Authority, bill shock is still a problem for many who go out of their home country for vacation. Now, we have another example detailing the sheer stupidity of carriers racking up massive charges for small amounts of data.

In 2012, Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Thomas Lukaszuk was on vacation in Poland when he says that the Canadian premier’s office gave him work to do.

“When the premier assigns me a job as deputy premier, and tells me you have to handle this file, it’s government business,” says Lukaszuk. “I don’t handle files on vacation for pleasure. As deputy premier you’re at the service of the premier’s office. I was given an assignment to carry out.” – Calgary Herald

Unfortunately for us, we can’t know exactly what the Lukaszuk did data-wise because a court has ordered that the specific work remain secret. What we do know is that Lukaszuk used just two gigabytes worth of documents.

Yes, he used 2 GB’s and was charged nearly $20,000 in data roaming charges by Canadian mobile telecom, Telus. Lukaszuk claims that he simply moved documents around on his iPad (meaning transferring documents to people through email) and talked to people on Skype.

Previously, Canadian Energy Minister Diana McQueen was given a phone bill of $14,577 while on business in Europe. The phone company eventually reversed the charges and gave her a bill for just $191 instead.

Anyone who has dealt with Telus should not find this as much of a surprise. While internet providers are expanding the amount of data in packages, Telus is one of the few who has been decreasing usage caps.