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Can Google stop online piracy by halting pirate websites' revenue?

Piracy became a stampeding snowball too big for anyone to control, despite all the attempts. Can Google really stop it? They sure are onto something.
June 9, 2014
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The power of the internet has freed us from many chains, opening doors we never knew existed. We all once lived in a world where you had to go places to obtain information and content. Of course, so much freedom has also made it (much) easier to steal media. Piracy has since become a stampeding snowball that has grown too big for anyone to control, despite all attempts.

Google is now joining music and movie companies in Italy to try and stop piracy. Is this even possible? Usually, I would say there is no way to accomplish this, but this time they are tackling pirate websites in any company’s (legal or not) achilles’ heel – which is to say there revenue stream.

Google, being one of the biggest advertisers in the world, can be a huge influence in how much pirate websites make. It’s hard to stop piracy in any other way. The idea here is that by halting their income, pirates will eventually just give up. They are literally trying to cut off their resources instead of attempting a direct fight.

“Google is already doing a lot of efforts in this area and the company promoted a strategy so-called ‘follow the money’ which we consider part of a general strategy based on enforcement on one side, self-regulation and legal offer on the other side.” -Enzo Mazza, chief at music industry group Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana

This movement will be presented at the Interactive Advertising Bureau 2014 conference, with advertising companies and content creators leading the initiative. It looks like it will be an interesting day for both pirates and non-pirates, so we should all stay tuned to see all the details in the new Memorandum of Understanding.

Can we really stop piracy at this point?

I feel like piracy is really a monster that can’t be stopped at this point. Maybe a giant like Google can keep it contained and slow it down, but it’s hard to imagine piracy really dying. We do know the kind of power that Google holds, though. If this movement spreads across the globe, we very well likely could see some real changes taking place soon.