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After many years of living in the shadows, Sony looks like it could finally break into the high society of smartphones with the Xperia Z. There’s an unprecedented level of excitement surrounding the latest Sony flagship, and if something doesn’t go terribly wrong, we expect the 5-incher to be one of the most popular Android handhelds in the next months.

But, as it so often happens in the overcrowded and uber-competitive tech world, the details will most likely make or break the Xperia Z. Details like the battery’s autonomy or display’s sharpness in real-life conditions, but also the camera’s capabilities.

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In theory, the 13.1 MP snapper fitted on Xperia Z’s back should be nothing short of spectacular. With an Exmor RS sensor, HDR photo and video options and features like touch focus, face detection, image stabilization, sweep panorama, continuous autofocus and video stabilizer, this is one of the most complex cams in the history of smartphones.

But the road from tech theory to practice, while paved with good intentions, can often be awfully bumpy, which is why we shouldn’t yet assume the Z’s cam will be better than the fantastic 8 MP ones on the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3.

Fortunately, while the Z is not out yet, a camera smackdown is, putting Sony’s 5-incher against the iPhone 5 and Oppo’s Find 5. The comparison is far from comprehensive, being based on 100% cropped sample shots, but there are still a few conclusions to be drawn here.

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First off, the Find 5 is no match for Sony’s flagship from this standpoint. Which is a bit surprising, because Oppo’s beast also has a 13 MP cam with an Exmor RS sensor. As for the iPhone 5, that’s much closer to the Z, especially in daylight conditions.

In fact, choosing the winner between Apple and Sony’s cameras is almost impossible, as they both have their highs and lows. We would probably go for the Z overall, mostly because of the HDR and color crispness, but it’s definitely really, really tight. Which is why we’ll just call it a draw and let you pick your winner. Is it the Xperia Z or the iPhone 5?

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