Our last page is all about people and in this case, selfies, selfies, selfies!!!This is a very interesting photo as it shows off which phones keep the shot mirrored as the camera captures it and which reverse it so it’s a copy of the natural shot. There’s plenty of colors, facial expressions and field of view to consider as well!

Yes, there was definitely going to be a portrait shot in this shootout and Lanh stepped up to be the model, albeit unwittingly! Check out the detail in Lanh’s face but pay closer attention to the bokeh effect each phone manages to produce and the detail of the background as well as the sky!

For our last shot, David and I kicked off the selfies with the sun beaming from the left and the trees in the background. There’s plenty of shadows caused by the trees, there’s the various colors of our clothing and of course, there’s lots of detail in the background as well! I loved taking this photo but I’m still trying to work out if it was because it was a great day or because I was relieved that we could finally stop walking around the park!!

If you’ve made it to the end we thank you for sticking with us – with cameras being used in so many different ways and capable of so many different things, testing a camera in the most natural way was always going to require several test shots! Yes, we haven’t covered night photograph, video recording or panorama shots here as well as the wide angle and bokeh effects some cameras are capable of producing but we’ll be touching on those in a future shootout!

For now, let us know what you think of this shootout – and what we can do better next time around – in the comments below (but if you’ve figured it out, keep the order of the phones to yourself!) and vote for which phone you think takes the best photos in the polls – remember every vote counts towards crowning the winner! Stay tuned as we’ll reveal all next Friday! In the meantime, check out our related Galaxy S8 and other coverage below!