Name a children’s movie classic and chances are Beauty and the Beast is one of them! It’s a principle that also applies to the natural things in life and in this case, the turtle is a majestic creature that you can’t help but admire! Which phone clearly defines the detail on the shell, face and arms?

If this reptile were real, it definitely would be the beast and we certainly wouldn’t have been this close shooting it! Nonetheless, this one turned out to be totally harmless, although it looks rather lifelike! Which phone captures the detail on the head the best including the intricate beads and which isn’t affected by lens flair from the sun?

Beauty comes in many forms and one of these is undoubtedly architecture. This building in the Golden Gate Park is rather large, but thanks to the moving sun we had to show you this side rather than a much wider shot. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of detail here, in the columns, brickwork, plants and fencing! It’s beautiful – I wonder, is this place on AirBnB?

Nirave Gondhia
Nirave is one of the Managing Editors and a fan of travel. He's worked in technology for over ten years (including stints at two carriers in the UK) and reported on it for nearly nine years. In my spare time, A big football (soccer to those over the pond) fan and avid supporter of Man United for over 20 years, he reads a lot, loves a cocktails and blogs about travel.