The beauty of the camera on our smartphones is that it’s always with us and as this page shows, it can also be used to capture greenery as well as stunning landscapes. This proved to be an interesting test thanks to the contrast of the sky and in particular, pay attention to which phone blows out the sky the least.

From greenery to the landscapes I mentioned and it was impossible to turn down this opportunity. What’s interesting here is that there are three clear sections to each image; the blue sky, the green landscape and trees that dominate most of the image and at the very bottom, the concrete path that we were shooting from, with the X just in front. I wanted to sleep on this stretch of the park for an hour or two but sadly no-one would let me!

From open green spaces to busy ones and a small pond with natural greenery. Which phone captures the reflection of the sky in the murky waters the best as well as the definition of the various trees and plants, and the mud at the bottom of the scene? You decide!