Call2Schedule is a simple event scheduler that captures your callers incoming phone number and places it directly into the subject line of your calendars scheduler with the callers name from your phone book. This is how Knabtechs latest app is self described, and it is exactly what it does. This app is very simple,  but what it does can save a mobile professional time, and the embarrassment of a missed appointments. It does this by simplifying the process of inputting reminders and appointments in your phones calendar.


The app works simply by popping up a event scheduler after you receive a call, asking “Do you want to create even into calendar?” By hitting no, it will make the pop up box disappear, no further action is required. Hitting yes brings you to the event scheduler where you can now input any info that is needed to schedule an appointment or event that was made during the phone call. Its as simple as that. The program also gives you a few other options as well. The other options available are to have a event scheduler pop-up when you are finished with a outgoing call or a missed call, or just bypass the popup altogether and bring you right to the calendar event setup.


I found the personal list quick to set up and easy to use. What it did was  keep important business contacts close at hand, and helped me separate them from personal contacts. To operate the Personal List is open Call2Schedule, and than select Personal List. The first time in it will be empty. To add contacts to the Personal List, back up a step to where you first open Call2Schedule. All your contacts will be present, you will then hold your finger down on the contact you want moved to Personal List, it will then pop up an option to add the contact to the personal list, select it. Once selected it will be added to the new personal list. This option really made it easy to separate business and personal life, something that can really help a busy professional.

So who is Call2Schedule for? Well we touched on it above, but more specifically it is for mobile professionals and Realtors, people who are on the go and who use their phone to stay organized. This app really becomes a useful tool for those who do not have time to sit down and write out a schedule at the end of each day, as it gives you the ability to do that a person at a time as calls come in. I really like that it uses the calender already present on any Android Phone, especially since many add-on calendars synchronize with this stock calendar on the phone. Because of this it really gives Call2Schedule full functionality with almost any calendar app on the market.

Some of the best benefits I found worth highlighting are:

  • One time configurations.
  • Uses No Battery in background.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Best for busy professionals, really saves time.

If you need an app that will simplify the organization of your daily appointments, this is it.


You can find the app here in the market.