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Call Actions Review - Streamline To Do's After Phone Calls

March 8, 2012

Many times when you receive calls on our smartphones, you are on the go. This may make it hard to write down an important piece of information you have just received, or to remember to call someone back after you are done with the call. Call Actions is for the people who need that little reminder here or there, or for those who take many phone calls over a day and have a hard time keeping them all organized.

Call Actions is an after-call pop up that helps you get organized and stay organized with your phone. Its a straightforward app;  after every call, Call Actions has a customizable pop up with options to:

  • Call back the last call phone number
  • Send an SMS
  • View the contact or add a new number to your contacts list
  • Send an email
  • Search the phone number in Google. This can be useful if you don’t know a number that made a missed call.
  • Add a new Calendar event associated to the contact/phone number. A fast way to write an appointment in your Google Calendar after a call. (Only available for Android 4.0 or later)
  • Show additional options based on the applications installed in your Android phone like Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.
  • Set a reminder with an alarm. Very handy if you need to call back someone or remember something related to a contact.
  • Share the contact including a VCard
  • And more!

Video Review


Once downloaded and installed, the first thing you are presented with when opening the app is the setup screen. By default, Call Actions is turned on and ready to use, so visiting the settings is not necessary. In the general settings, you can change the colors of the tiles of the interface or even set them to random colors that change between each call. Once you have your colors set up, you can test the palette out to see how you like it, by hitting the “Test Config” button. Here, you can  also play around with the app and learn how it works.


To really get down to fine tuning the app, the  developer has a more settings areas. Here you can adjust the interface size down to a slimmer version; I actually preferred the smaller version to the default setup. Next, you can adjust auto close (if no action is performed) from never to 2 minutes, this is very useful if  you won’t use the interface many times, and do not need the hassle of closing it after every call. The option from this section that I found most useful was the last call notification — if you are frequently returning calls, this is the setting to have turned on. When enabled, it will always display your last call in the notification bar, making a quick call back painless. Finally, in the “More settings” area there are some options for fine tuning the app reminders and actions.



Call Actions’ interface is based on the design of Windows Phone, which I think helps keep it simple and easy to navigate. The tiles are large and easy to select, each one performing the clearly assigned task. I like that you can customize the interface to match the theme of your phone, or, set it to random, so that tiles are different colors for each call.  I would have liked an option to save some of the themes I created, so I could switch between them quickly. Also it would have been nice if a few preset themes were available for quick customization, but, hopefully we will see it happen in future updates. But these are all minor observations, and, overall, the interface was great.


In Action

At first, when Call Actions started popping up after phone calls, I didn’t expect it and backed out of it. Its tiled screen popping up after every call was more of an inconvenience then a tool. But after a few phone calls, I started warming up on it.  I used it to quick send a text of something I forgot to tell my brother in our last conversation. Or, to quickly save the contact info of my last call. While it did take a few calls to get Call Actions in my routine, once it was there, it was a real time saver.


After spending some time with Call Actions, I found that it streamlined many of the tasks I do on a daily bases, down to one click.  My favorite function of the app was the “Last call notification” feature, which creates a link to the last call, which will always be available in the notification bar. I found this feature helpful on a daily basis. Overall, I found Call Actions to be very helpful.
On those days when I didn’t have the time or the attention (while driving for example) to scroll through all those menus to perform simple tasks, Call Actions became a real asset. To find Call Actions in the market click this link. I warmly recommend giving it a try.