The CaliCase Ultra slim case as the name suggest is an ultra thin and super lightweight case. Calicase actually claims that this is the world’s thinnest case on the market and at only .35 mm thin I don’t doubt that claim one bit. This case feels extremely paper thin, thinner than any other slim style case that I’ve ever seen or used before. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing and if you like to keep your device slim and sleek, you’ll love how little this adds to your device.

CaliCase Ultra Slim Case-7

Like many other shell type cases, installation is a breeze. Just slide your phone in on one end, snap the corners into place and you’re done. The case utilizes a frosted clear finish which allows your phone to still semi-show itself. It’s also really great at deterring fingerprints and there’s a subtle texture to the case that really helps with the grip and should make it easier for you to keep a hold of your phone.

CaliCase Ultra Slim Case-22

The fitment is generally pretty good and all of the cutouts for the buttons and ports line up nicely and are cut to precision. That being said, I did run into some fitment issues with the sides of the case feeling slightly loose on the version made for the Galaxy Note 5. I however did not run into this problem with the one made for the S6, which fit perfectly snug so it may just vary from one device to another.

CaliCase Ultra Slim Case-9

Another issue that I’ve had with this case is that it makes the power and volume buttons completely flush and because the cutouts leave very little space for your thumb or finger to sink in and press them, feeling around for the buttons is a little bit more difficult than normal.
The CaliCase Ultra Slim is available for the Note 5, S6, S6, Edge, and S6 Edge Plus and color options include clear black, clear white, clear blue, and clear emerald green. Now if you purchase cases purely for protection, this case is not for you but if you’re just looking for a case that is stylish, minimal, with just a little bit of protection, the ultra slim case by CaliCase is a perfect option that’s also very affordable.

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